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The Top Car selling Websites in Kenya #auto #web

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The business of selling cars and parts has grown in complexity beyond layman’s understanding. Technology has taken over most business transactions and the auto sales segment is not an exception. Sale of both used and new vehicles has found a ‘new home’ on the internet platform, and what a display shelf for the websites and blogs!

In Kenya, a sea of websites and blogs top the category of outstanding online auto sellers. Most are however similar in the layout and the general business model and flow of transactions, only minimal differences exist (apart from the names) that distinguish the sites. The best blogs will give you new and used vehicle buying ideas, travel tips for Kenya, car maintenance, driving tips, car repair, engine tuning, where to buy cars, import duty for new and used cars and the best car customization garages in Kenya. Basically, a  car blog should be very educative to the reader.

Some of the tools to look for in a car website

Search facility

All the top performing auto selling websites tend to have similar specific areas of target. For instance, they all have an active search engine to enable their visitors to search through the database of the cars they stock. This can be seen on blogs like and which operates in the wider East Africa. The searches are based on pricing, makes and models, and possibly the year of manufacture.

Importers and vehicle buyers

There is a facility designed to help people seeking to import vehicles into the country. Importers can select the specific vehicles they wish to purchase after running another secondary search. Again, this tool is available in most sites like /, .

Similarly, buyers can buy the already imported and second-hand/used vehicles. The used vehicles are obtained through yet another facility, the sellers segment.

Import guide  

Insurance schemes for customers

A new trend with these online car marketers is the advice or be it marketing they do on the insurance policies provided by the major insurance firms. An example is which offers this invaluable insurance advisory service   as well as the spare parts sale.

Rich catalogs

For those seeking prior information about the vehicles available before committing to the transaction, a wealth of this in form of pictures and text is available in the catalogs. Each of these websites provides informative catalogs for the benefit of customers and visitors.

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