Mar 25 2020

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Auto value guide


I am a

The products that fuel your business

Flexible solutions for the automotive industry. A portion of our products are available for purchase online.

Powering the automotive industry

Precise data touches every part of the automotive industry, helping you to accurately measure and reduce risk in your business.

The most precise
data & analytics
in the market.

Reducing your risk and increasing your profit with flexible solutions and actionable insights.

Index Report

A benchmark value for used vehicles selling in the wholesale auctions with the vehicle quality in average condition.

Residual Scenarios

Forecast wholesale value of vehicles based on economic scenarios.

History Adjusted Valuations

We’ve incorporated Vehicle History Report data to provide the most precise, VIN-specific adjustment.


We have solutions for the entire automotive industry.

The secret formula is our
process & innovation.

The most precise, VIN-specific, actionable data in the market updated daily from more sources than anyone else.


Our data scientists and automotive analysts combine advanced algorithms and deep industry experience to provide actionable insights.


We listen to your business objectives to provide flexible solutions that increase profit and reduce risk in your decision-making process.

Vehicle valuations are our business

Comprehensive, accurate forecasts and insights – not just numbers and formulas. Insights from both data scientists and auto analysts that can steer you in the right direction.

Profitable decisions at your fingertips

Black Book Cherry

  • Vehicle values
  • HAV
  • Competitive Insights
  • Be the ultimate decision maker

This is the tool you’ll take everywhere and wonder how you ever did business without it.

Built for

Hear from some
of our customers

“I am blown away with the new History Adjusted Valuations feature which takes into account vehicle history, as we do not always have the time to consult external sources to see if accidents are reported.”

Black Book has been the closest source to the market in my 46 years of experience.”

“The entire package is awesome. from client relations to the technology used, along with the latest implementation of HAV, it’s a clear winner in most aspects”

“Using Black Book is an excellent resource that helps me save time.”

Black Book is an essential tool for our dealer. It is a vital part of our business. “

“I am a fairly new dealer in this used car business, and have faced numerous obstacles and difficulties getting my business off the ground. The biggest issue has been locating, assessing, and evaluating inventory. And with Black Book Cherry it eliminates those issues saving my time, headaches, and money.”

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Auto value guide

Auto value guide

Auto value guide

Helping dealers, auto finance, OEMs, & more accurately measure and reduce risk in business since 1955 with precise automotive data and analytics.
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