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Dedham auto mall

Autobahn USA Dedham

804 Lifetime Reviews

75% Recommended

804 Lifetime Reviews

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Autobahn USA Dedham Awards Awards

804 Reviews of Autobahn USA Dedham

“I’m only going to say that outback USA in Dedham are the. “

I’m only going to say that outback USA in Dedham are the best very professional they always looking for the best for you . Thank you guys you are the best . Looking forward to see you guys in the future ..

“Bob from the Deadham location was the reason why I. “

Bob from the Deadham location was the reason why I purchased a Volvo C70 for my daughter. He was awesome. You guys are very fortune to have him on your team.

“Please do not buy a car from this establishment. They. “

Please do not buy a car from this establishment. They will lie cheat and deceit you. I had been back and forth in contact with someone at the dealerships about purchasing a car. I was looking for a car in the 13k price range and they came back and insisted they could only get me approved for 20 or higher. (I’m assuming it’s end of month/year so they need to meet quota). After days of communication I decide to accept an offer. I scheduled an appointment for last night to pick up the car. After constant communication and an hour drive in traffic. I arrive only to find out they already sold the car!! I couldn’t believe it since I was assured I would be driving off the lot that day. After sitting in the dealership for 4 hours trying to purchase the car. I am told that the next car I was interested in purchasing cane with a mandatory warranty due to the fact that they can’t afford to take any losses and needed to make sure they made some money. While all of this is going on their financial gentleman who handles all conversations with banks. Can be heard telling the gentleman who was helping to “just take the offer, do I want a car or not” while also laughing and saying other inappropriate things. Ultimately the place was a scam. They fooled me into coming down with intention that I was buying a certain car only to try and be up sold so they can profit. DO NOT BUY FROM HERE.

“The run around !!”

At first they seemed helpful but once I drove the car off the lot their friendly services came to a disgusting halt! I’ve been trying to get my car repaired for weeks since I bought the car. They are giving me the runaround about the repairs. I had to pay to Audi to get the car fully diagnosed. Most issues where mainly safety issues. They said they would repair it or they indicated that they did repair it, but the same issue have arose and currently I have no call back nor a confirmation to when I can get my car serviced. I’m planning on lawyering you soon if they don’t make any attempts in resolving this matter! DO NOT COME HERE!

“Silver lining”

No great experience here either. I was disgusted today when I was told the car I’d been working with them , for about a week, to buy was sold to someone else. This is after I said ok to everything because it was the car I’d been looking for for months. We came to an agreement on the price, the additional nickel and diming, the approved loan (they probed my credit a few times, oh it had to be their lender not mine), and possible warranty; all was in the mail so I can sign it. Sold to someone else. What?! Why? Because he offered cash while you were thinking about it (a lie they told the poor saleslady to tell me). Aren’t they supposed to hold the car while they’re probing the credit and dealing with a customer. No sense of honor or decency. I was bummed out but I’ll get over it. Maybe the sliver lining is that my experience would’ve been far worse had I GOTTEN the car, like some of the comments I’m reading here.

“Sneaky Crooks “

I wish I had checked the Better Business Bureau “F” rating before buying from this dealership. An extended service contract was purchased with vehicle at which time I was told I could cancel the contract at ANYTIME, even if I want to today. I called within 2 weeks to cancel the contract and the extended service company said the contract was never purchased to call dealer to cancel. They said dealer is lying that they can’t cancel it, they just don’t want to lose money. After the run around from the finance manager, saying I have to wait one billing cycle and who lied and said my loan wasn’t even finalized yet but I was holding the first bill in my hand which I sent to him, I spoke with the general manager who said I could cancel the contract. I am now being told it could take up to 6 weeks, even though the service contract was never purchased, however, the $3200 is on my auto loan at 9.1% that I am being charged for with no contract. I want this off of my auto loan as I am refinancing the auto at about 4% less than what they gave me. The finance manager told me I would have to wait to refinance my auto and that no one has tried to cancel the service contract this quick. I have spoken to the extended warranty company several times and no contract was purchased and they told me that the dealer just doesn’t want to cancel it. The salesman also told me the dealer prob doesn’t want to cancel the contract because they are concerned that the bank will charge them back the finance fee they received. I put in complaints with the Attorney General Office as well as the BBB. CROOKS and LIARS. I want others to be aware of their dishonesty.

Dedham auto mall

Dedham auto mall

Dedham auto mall

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