Feb 10 2020

Autocomp Technologies, Inc, auto computer exchange.

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Autocomp Technologies, Inc.

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Auto computer exchange

From The Owners of Autocomp Technologies, Inc.

We are one of the largest Automotive Electronics Remanufacturer in North America providing quality Engine, Transmission, Body and other control modules to leading Auto Parts Supply Stores and Repair Shops. We have one of the largest computerized inventory of ECU, ECM, TCM, BCM, and other control modules in the world. We do provide fast overnight shipping to most U. S. cities and two to five days shipping worldwide.

Autocomp established in 1996 to be the leading provider of Automotive Control Units. We have established and acquired advanced testing processes, techniques, and equipments. Our Technicians and Engineers have over 100 years of combined Automotive and Electronics experience.

Whether you need a single module or a thousand, Autocomp Technologies, Inc. can be your only dependable source for all your automotive electronics and computers needs.

Auto computer exchange

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Reviews for Autocomp Technologies, Inc.

Very negative. We have purchased computers in the past without a problem, but yesterday the computer the company sent would not work. Our technician was not able to get the vehicle to function correctly with the computer. Autocomp said they would send another computer in a day or two but our customer was not willing to wait. We returned the defective computer immediately and the owner said our experienced, ASE certified technician was incompetent and charged a $72 restocking fee to take back his defective computer. He was extremely rude and demeaning on the phone. We are an ASA Blue Seal shop employing ASE certified technicians and stand by our work. Since it’s apparent from his comments that the owner does not, we will not do business with company again.

I manage an auto repair facility in Oak Ridge and have used Autocomp for years. I purchased a BCM from them and it would not program. Returned it the next day and it too was bad. Went to another supplier and it worked fine and took the program. When returning the bad BCM they charged me a 20% restocking fee on a bad unit and would not reason with me. A lot of gas and time as well as money spent on programming and all they would say is it is company policy. I will never go back to them again and even told them so. I will go to NTC (713-695-1313) for any of my future computer needs. Stay away from these crooks.

AUTOCOMP -WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER 1ST BAD EXPERIENCE: We waited a week for a computer. Late afternoon on a Friday, it finally arrived BROKEN! It was wrapped in tons of bubble wrap, but was broken on the inside – they had shipped it broken, it did not break in transit. So late Friday, with MY customer waiting for repair, I called Autocomp to let them know they had shipped a defect. Instead of saying, I’m sorry about that, we’ll send a driver out with a replacement right away , the OWNER, ALEX yelled at me, effectively called me a liar, and accused me of trying to make my case to get a new computer. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED ANY WHERE. We have spent thousands of dollars with this company; they send me a defective part late on a Friday putting MY customer in a bad position, and yell at ME. Does this kind of behavior work in anyone else’s business? It sure doesn’t work in mine!

Check your prices Make sure you check your prices. I bought a module from them assuming they were cheaper, and when I find out I was charged double than what almost any competitor would charge, they told me they could do nothing for me, and then charged me a 20%restocking fee which is no where mentioned on the receipt.

Inexpensive car computers I recently needed a new computer box for my car after the extensive flooding here in Houston Texas. A friend of mine told me to try this place first to avoid the two hundred percent markup that dealers and local mechanics charge. Apparently they recycle and rebuild used car computers then sell them for a better price then you can get for A one new. Being eco friendly minded the fact that they recycle them instead of dropping them into a landfill was big a plus as well. The service was fast, friendly and I received my new computer in about half an hour. All and all 5 stars I will definitely tell my friends about this place!

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